Are you ready to give your car a cool new upgrade? Consider a professional window tinting service. It does more than just make your ride look sleek af.

Window tinting provides various practical benefits; it preserves car value, improves driver safety and comfortability, enhances vehicle privacy, and more.

Is window tinting worth it?

Window tinting provides plenty of valuable features. It protects the resale value of your car, minimizes safety risks, and improves vehicular aesthetics. Window tint is a worthwhile investment If you want to upgrade your vehicle.

How do you apply window tint to a car?

A trained professional applies tint using tint film, water, a squeegee, and other specialized tools. They prepare the surface by thoroughly cleaning the glass. Then, they carefully measure the dimensions of each window to know how much film is necessary for coverage. They cut the film accordingly before carefully applying it to the windows. A technician then removes air bubbles and wrinkles using a squeegee, creating a crisp finished product and ensuring proper adhesion.

Check out how we do window tinting at The Repair Companies Shop. Our attention to detail is unmatched! We use computer-cut tint patterns to be as accurate as possible on your vehicle’s specific year, make, and model.

How does window tint protect the value of my car?

Window tint protects car value by preventing sun damage to its interior. UV rays from the sun cause significant damage to upholstery and dashboards. Sun exposure causes certain materials to crack and fade over time. Degradation of interior surfaces is unsightly and lowers your car’s resale value.

Upholstery repair services get costly. Window tint can help prevent the need for these services in the future, saving you money, and preventing long-term damage to your vehicle.

How does window tint improve driver safety?

Tinted windows improve driver safety by reducing health and safety risks caused by the sun. Window tint prevents up to  99% of UV radiation from entering a car. UV rays harm human health and lead to skin damage over time.

Window tint also reduces sun glare, which improves driving visibility. Sun glare is both annoying and an outright safety hazard. Bright sunlight causes temporary blindness and impedes vision. Sun glare affects eyesight for a few seconds but lasts long enough to create potentially dangerous driving situations. Tinted windows minimize these harmful effects, creating a comfortable and safer road experience.

How do tinted windows enhance vehicle privacy?

Tinted windows make it very difficult to see a vehicle’s interior, which creates privacy and protection. Window tint lets drivers feel comfortable parking their cars in public areas. It prevents thievery and other unsavory situations.

How long does it take to tint car windows?

On average, professional window tinting takes between 2-4 hours, depending on vehicle size and the experience of the professional. The curing process takes longer; professionals recommend that drivers wait at least 2-3 days before touching or using their windows to allow the tint to dry completely.

mobile tint of a red SUV

What’s the best tint for car windows?

The best tint for car windows depends on your specific needs and preferences. Different tints provide different benefits. Ceramic, dyed, metalized, and hybrid window tints are standard options. An expert helps determine which window tint suits your needs best.

What type of window tint is the most common?

Dyed window tint is the most common tint. It is the most basic form of window tinting, but still provides the benefits that come with more extravagant tint jobs. Dyed window tint improves your vehicle’s aesthetics without breaking the bank.

What window tint reduces glare best?

Metalized window tint is the best option for reducing sun glare. It has tiny metal materials in its film, which reflect the sunlight. It is important to note that metalized film may interfere with your car’s technological components.

window tint of a white car.

What is the best window tint for heat reduction?

Ceramic window tint is the best option for heat reduction. It is the most efficient at blocking infrared (IR) radiation—the type of ray responsible for creating heat. Ceramic window tinting is the best option for drivers hoping to stay cool this summer.

Where can I get my windows tinted for cheap?

The Repair Companies Shop offers premium services at an affordable price point. Our experts provide fair and reliable quotes on window tinting services. Contact one of our professionals for a free estimate on window tint for your vehicle.

Is window tint removable?

Yes, window tint is removable. A trained professional must perform this service. An auto technician can safely remove window tint without causing vehicle damage.

Where can I get window tint removed?

If you decide tinted windows aren’t for you, a local auto body shop can remove the tint for you. The Repair Companies Shop provides affordable window tint removal services at times that fit inside your busy schedule.

Window tinting is more than just aesthetics. It keeps you and your car looking cool while improving driver safety and offering protection from the sun. If you’re looking for car window tinting in Des Moines, look no further than The Repair Companies Shop. Call  515-986-6204 to speak with a trained professional.